5 Easy Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Finding the perfect gift for your man can be very difficult. Well, there are many gifts, which have been showcased beautifully on the online shopping websites. Take your time out and start shopping for your loved ones. Websites also projects first valentines presents for boyfriend. We have curated a list of the top 5 gifting ideas that will make any man feel amazing and special:

Shaving Kit

Did your boyfriend or husband complain about how uncomfortable shaving is? Many ingrown hairs and nicks cause irritation, which is caused by cheap blades. Hence, investing in a great shaving kit can be a very good idea. Moreover, you can even gift him a homemade shaving cream. To make homemade natural shaving cream, all you need to do is mix approximately half a cup of coconut oil, shea butter and add one-fourth cup of grapeseed oil before you top it off with 10 to 25 drops of any essential oil. Tea tree or avocado oils can be very soothing and provide an aromatic experience while shaving. Further, put some vitamin e oil in it to make it foamy and thick. This will last for about a month in a cool and dark place.

Gift an Adventure

If your boyfriend has an outdoorsy and adventurous nature, you can gift him a day of trekking or overnight lakeside camping. Do not forget to accompany him with a bag full of travel gear like a compass, a pair of binoculars, a water bottle and other tools.

How about a VR set?

Virtual Reality has become more popular than ever, a virtual reality set can make for a great gift for your boyfriend. The Google VR device is the ideal choice. It has the perfect soft headset and is available for an inexpensive price on Amazon. Additionally, if your boyfriend is into gaming, then this VR set is bound to make him jump around with joy.Sony and HTC also make great VR headsets and can also be considered as god gifting choices.


Does your boyfriend put in extra effort to smell nice? Gift him cologne. Get your hands on a musk and cedar wood cologne and make him smile, ladies.  Here is a pro-tip for buying cologne: buy cologne that you would like on him, this is the best way to make a good selection. This can make for a great first valentines presents for boyfriend. If you don’t have a particular fragrance in mind, here a list of the best cologne for men:

Gucci Guilty

Great for summer, this one is a head turner. It has a hint of lemon, bergamot, and orange. Moreover, it is rounded with the musky wood finish of the patchouli.

Jimmy Choo Intense

It has a mellow nature and has a general perception of being very masculine and sexy.

1 million by PacoRabanne Eau De Toilette

It was introduced in the spring of 2018 and is a pulsating scent of the woody gourmand tone. It has a fragrance note of hazelnut and wood with a hint of fresh honey. It is topped with a touch of sweetness that gives it an irresistible aroma.

Fancy some Leather?

Leather accessories are a man’s favorite! You can give him a leather watch, a leather jacket or even, leather shoes! Don’t forget to add a leather care guide with your gift to give it a longer life! He may already have these items in his wardrobe, but make sure you make your giftmore personalized by adding inscriptions and details that are special to him. This can be the first valentine’s presents for boyfriend. For instance, an engraved image of your boyfriend’s favorite band, or GOT character are great ideas to get etched on to his leather merchandise.  A leather strap watch with a golden dial would also be a classy addition to his wardrobe.

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